About the BSA's 2012 National Meeting

(This page will be moved once I build the Scouting/USA website to house this and additional information. I wanted to share this information as soon as I could; however this has become a even more busier week than originally planned. Look for this content to be at Scouting/USA (http://www.scouting-usa.com).

As a adult BSA volunteer, I've been fortunate as a result of my family's and later my military experiences to have served in eleven local Councils, with positions ranging from District member-at-large to Council Commissioner; and service on three Area, two Regional and three National volunteer committees of the BSA.

I have attended several of the BSA's National Meetings over the years. I attend so as to gain more knowledge; to meet BSA volunteers and professionals whom have assisted me in the past year and to thank them for their assistance and support in person; and because I enjoy the event.

I've been able to be in "the right places doing the right things" and in the process, have met a lot of the BSA's senior and middle-level managers earlier in their careers as Field Directors or District Executives/Exploring Executives. That's a great thing, because of many of them, I've been able to answer some of your harder questions posed here on the Internet (and to shed some light on *why* or *why not* since the BSA did not OFFICIALLY have representation out here on the Scouts-L (or any other list) until after the start of this century. As noted, I sometimes don't get it *exactly right* but I try...

Each year, the BSA rolls out changes or new programs and emphasis areas and like many folks I share that information with volunteers "back home".

I didn't attend all of the various sessions, but I did obtain some printed and electronic information which I am happy to share with you -- the purpose of this page. As I add more information before the actual Scouting/USA page is set up, I'll post it here.

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