Who is Mike Walton and Why do I Care?

This site and the four others connected to it electronically -- the Badge and Uniform Site; Leaders' Online™ ; the ArmyMan Site; and the Financing Scouting site -- all belong to Mike Walton. He designed them and provided most of the content and information used on those sites.

Mike Walton (or "settummanque, the blackeagle"; "koala bear", or other nicknames for the guy (good and bad) ) is a son, brother, dad, Eagle Scout, Army officer, Rotarian, AUSA member, Legionare, VFW member, Scouter, writer, public speaker, traveler, piano player, and friend -- and more -- depending on the relationship he has with others.

You came to this website to find out SOMETHING -- while you're here, take a few minutes to find out about the person behind the websites. Since "9-11", the amount of information provided here has been scaled back somewhat only in the interest of personal safety, identity theft and because the Army says that as long as Mike's still connected to them, there are some things he can't share. And he won't.

There are links on the homepage to his other hangouts other than here:

He also has been posting from time to time video and photos while he's traveling around the nation and world -- he's frequently on the road and he loves it!

Mike has a vita, a general resume, and a military bio summary which he shares with potential employers. Some of it may be restricted due to current security stances.

Probably the biggest question that anyone curious enough to ask is "Why hasn't Mike received one of those big award things from the Scouts?" There's a page which answers that question and provides a lot of background as to Mike's Scouting background.

The second biggest question that anyone curious enough to ask is "Why aren't there a lot of photos of his kids on here?" The answer is because the Army -- Mike's employer for more than three decades -- discourages family photos and specifics about family life because they can used as leads toward possibly doing harm to them or leverage against him. But he does have photos of ALL of his kids -- keeps them on his desk wherever he's working or living -- and is extremely proud of each child.

Finally, the third biggest question that curious people want to know is whether or not Mike's "black" or "indian" or "mixed" or -- just what is his story. Mike Walton's family is basically a Black family, with some other flavors in it. He was raised within a black military family with significant exposure to people of central European stock over time. He has dated women from several racial and ethnic backgrounds; but loved very dearly and married (and later divorced) two white women.

There... You now know a great deal more about Mike Walton than you did before you came to the site! Look around, enjoy yourself...and ask questions!