Lone Scouts: Wanna Go to the Jamboree this summer?

I was a Lone Boy Scout for a year; and a Lone Boy Scouter for almost another year -- so this placed close to my heart:

The Lone Scout Foundation offered scholarships to Lone Scouts who planned to attend the 2010 National Jamboree. (I don't know how many Lone Boy Scouts were funded, but I saw three while at the Jamboree back in the summer of 2010!) The amount depended on the need and the amount approved by BSA when the application was approved. The scholarships are no longer being offered and the unused funds will go to the Ottawa Scouting Museum.

For more infomation, or to donate to help support the Lone Scout Foundation, you can contact them by emailing lone.scout@yahoo.com or by writing the foundation at Lone Scout Foundation, 765 Grey Heron Place, Choluota, FL 32766

I thank the Lone Scout Foundation for stepping up and insuring that Lone Boy Scouts got an opportunity to attend the premiere Scouting events, the Centennial National Scout Jamboree!