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" "Scout Courtsey, Customs and Drills (Redux)"(by Mike Walton)

cover not made yet.

Updated 22 July 2015

  • Mike Walton

This is the redo/update of the 1949 BSA Service Library book, geared to give Scouts and Scouters some insight into how to conduct ceremonies, what the Flag Code means to Scouts, and stuff like that. Stuff that for old timers like me were taught at Scout meetings and reinforced by what we did in the communities we lived in. Oh well, there's not an "app" for this...and while you would be able to get a PDF version of it, don't expect this to be on any phone download networks! *smiling*

The booklet will be available from Lulu (and maybe your Council's Scout Shop(tm) ) as soon as I can put together a cover and provide the BSA with a review copy. I am looking at making this available after the first of the year.

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